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New Cold Stream Water Quality Funding

by Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association
Published May 12, 2022

As we have said many times, “The CSCOA is not a road association.” Our stated purpose is to protect and improve the water quality of Cold Stream Pond. CSCOA water quality grants are available for landowners and road associations, regardless of which town you are in, to implement projects that benefit water quality in Cold Stream Pond. Individual landowners can apply anytime online or by contacting Laurie Fenwood ( to request a LakeSmart visit. Road association grant applications are also done online, but need to be submitted each year by June 1. Details and an application form are available at

This year, the CSCOA hopes to identify and ultimately fund additional projects that will reduce polluted run-off from roads into the lake. As a first step, the CSCOA Board has allocated funds to contract with Josh Platt of Maine Environmental Solutions ( Josh will join representatives from the CSCOA to visit all camp roads around the lake. He will identify sites where run-off from roads may be reaching the lake and provide recommendations for Best Management Practices (BMPs) that could be implemented at up to four locations identified as having the most potential to benefit the lake.

Road visits are planned for July 27 and 28. We will be in touch soon with each road association contact to ensure that they, as well as other interested parties, can join the group when it visits their road. We want to hear from anyone who has ideas about how the CSCOA can better protect the water quality of Cold Stream Pond. Using the report from the visit, the next step will be to determine which road associations and camp owners on non-association roads are interested in pursuing implementation of recommended projects as CSCOA funding becomes available

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