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2023 Boat Parade

Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

Annual Boat Parade

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Ice Cream Social following parade

Cold Stream Pond

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Meet at Webb Cove 12:45

Parade Convoy Begins at 1pm

This year we will give you a registration/boat number and ask that you make one that will be visible from shore

2023 Theme: Movies

IMPORTANT: Put your registration number on your boat where your fellow boaters and the judges can easily spot your number. Remember to get close enough to shore (safely) so that people can see you. If they can't see your number, they cannot vote for you.

Parade Route: The parade will begin at Webb Cove and will continue along the shoreline, past the Enfield Boat ramp, around Morgan's Beach and will end at Robinson's Beach (ice cream social is tentative pending COVID restrictions.)

Gathering Place: All boats will meet at Webb Cove by 12:45pm. Please form a single line behind the lead boat (you do NOT need to be in numerical order). Please stay in single file or the judges may not be able to see you. The parade convoy will begin at 1:00pm.

Judges: Judges will be placed strategically along the parade route, so you must complete the entire route to be judged.

In the event of severe weather, this event will be cancelled with no rain date.

Please list a contact number so we can send an update.

Prizes: We will announce the winners via email. 1st Place $50, 2nd Place $40, 3rd Place $25

Safe Boating: All boating rules and laws apply to this event. As Captain, you are responsible for your boat, your crew and your guests. Make sure you have enough fuel for your boat and all required safety gear. Please be considerate of other boats in the parade by keeping consistent boat speed and keep at least three boat lengths between boats. Do not, under any circumstance, throw anything from your boat.

What if: In case your boat becomes disabled, please pull over and either anchor or dock as available. If you can remedy the problem, feel free to re-join the parade as the opportunity presents.

Prizes: $50 1st Place

$40 2nd Place

$25 3rd Place

Questions? Call Anne Hall at 207-745-9317 or email

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