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Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

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Welcome to the lake!

As a volunteer, non-profit organization, all dues and donations are tax deductible.

Our Mission: "Protecting and improving the water quality of Cold Stream Pond.”

LakeSmart Tip of the Month:

“Did the October rains damage your shoreline? CSCOA grants may be available for work that protects the lake.”

Upcoming Events

Mar / 04

Comprehensive Planning

Bring your family and sleds to the Enfield Town office. Complete a survey to help the Town with its comprehensive planning process while you are there.
Mar / 11

Comprehensive Planning

Come for Bingo and lunch, 11:00 am, at the Enfield Town Office. This will be another opportunity to complete a community survey.

News, Events and Newsletters

Check out meeting notes, highlights from recent events and newsletters.

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Lake Information

Learn about the history of Cold Stream Pond, fish and wildlife, and shoreland zoning. You can also find important permits and forms.

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The flagship program of the Maine Lakes Society, LakeSmart recognizes waterfront homeowners who use natural landscaping strategies to protect the health of Cold Stream Pond. Schedule a visit to your property today.

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Water Quality

The Cold Stream Pond Camp Owners' Association participates in the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program. CSCOA volunteers measure water clarity throughout the summer. The CSCOA also funds collection of water samples which are analyzed for phosphorus, the major pollutant of Cold Stream Pond.

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